Are you a student at a school of applied arts in Europe, under 30 years old and interested in submitting a piece of your own work or as part of a group? If so, then you can download (almost) all of the information you need right here. The exact requirements regarding works submitted in the competition can be found below.

What will the jury be looking for?

First and foremost, creativity, innovation, aesthetics and the integration of Chevrolet-related images, properties or brand personality (see project briefs). Furthermore, focus will be placed on how quickly the work can be incorporated into the companys communication strategy, as indicated in the project briefs.


Selection process

Projects will first be judged on the national level, with first-place winners going on to compete in the European finals. YCC national and European juries are composed of well-known artists and leaders from creative industries and the media, as well as senior Chevrolet officers. All YCC jury deliberations take place behind closed doors.

In your country

A maximum of three prizes will be awarded per YCC discipline.

In Europe

Every first-place winner in the national awards will automatically participate in the pan-European competition. The European YCC jury will select the top three submissions in each creative discipline.